Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was an absolutely new experience for me. I am not a relaxed person at all. To be honest I wasn’t sure if it would work for me, but I was ready to try anything to battle my anxiety. I am so glad I made the decision and attended to the sessions with Barbara. She is such a kind, warm and friendly person yet very professional. Her voice has a calming impact which made me feel relaxed after every session. Helping me more and more to concentrate to the positives in my life. I am most grateful for the positive impact this therapy had on me. I would highly recommend Barbara, the treatment she provides is like a sunshine to an anxious mind – thank you so much.

Positive Change

I highly recommend Serenity for Solution focused Hypnotherapy. I have had two sessions with Barbara and am amazed by the difference it has made to my life. I noticed positive changes even after the first session. It is a non-intrusive yet powerful therapy. In my first session, prior to therapy, Barbara explained clearly and concisely how our thought processes are developed and how that impacts our subsequent responses and reactions. She then explains how we have the power to change them. I cannot adequately express Barbara’s warm yet professional manner. She creates a safe space which is enabling and supporting me to change my thought processes and find solutions. Thank you Barbara.